Buyer Information

ADESA Richmond Public Auction deals only with previously-owned vehicles.

Don't ever bid on a vehicle you haven't taken the time to inspect prior to the auction. This is for your own protection.

Ask one of our representatives if you have any questions in regards to the auction process, before you bid on a vehicle.

Read about the auction lights. These lights provide you with valuable information about the vehicle you see at the auction block.

Remember: All vehicles sold under four thousand dollars ($4000) and/or with two hundred thousand kilometers (200,000 km) or more are sold AS IS, unless otherwise declared.

All buyers are required to pay a buyers fee, a lien documentation fee and applicable taxes. The buyer is also responsible for transferring the vehicle into their own name at their own cost before the vehicle can leave the auction property.

A four hundred dollar non-refundable deposit is required at the point of sale. Payment for the deposit can be in the form of Cash, Debit Card, Visa or Mastercard. Once the deposit is made, the buyer has until 5:00pm the next business day to pay the balance in full. PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT accept credit cards or cash for the final payment. The final payment can be paid in the form of Debit, Certified Cheque, or Bank Draft.

Watch for the Lights!

The lights above the Auction Block are VERY IMPORTANT – Be sure you know what they mean.


Green Light - Arbitration Allowed

This vehicle is eligible for a BUYER PROTECTION PLAN which covers an inspection on the engine, transmission, and power train.

Additional Warranty Programs can be purchased to extend the coverage past the purchase date – Ask about our Warranty Program and Buyer Protection Plan now!

Please note, if this light is not on then the vehicle is to be sold AS IS.


Yellow Light - Seller's Announcements

May include, but not limited to:


Blue Light - Out of Province/Delayed Registration

This vehicle originates from outside of BC, either another province or Country.
Delayed registration, which means the dealer seller has two business days to provide a registration on a sold unit.


Lime Green – ADESA Inspected

Vehicle has been pre-inspected by ADESA's Mechanical Facility. A report of the inspection results is posted on the vehicle.

Buyers who want to dispute particular representations or undeclared problems about a vehicle must report them, in written form, by 5pm the following business day of purchase date. Please read Arbitration Rules and Policies for further information.

Upcoming Auctions

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