ADESA Working Wonders Charity Auctions

Through ADESA Working Wonders Charity Auctions we are proud to support the worthwhile causes of charitable organizations by turning donated vehicles into much needed cash.





What kinds of vehicles can I donate?

Any type of vehicle you can think of – call us to talk about your vehicle.

Will I have to deliver my vehicle?

ADESA has a full coast to coast transportation network that is able to pick vehicles from anywhere in North America by Auto Carrier, Tow Truck, or Drive-Away services.

How do you turn my car into cash for charity?

Every vehicle donated to ADESA Working Wonders Charity Auctions will be sold at auction by ADESA Auctions Canada Inc. Your donated vehicle will have exposure to the greatest number of potential buyers all around, which helps maximize the sale price paid directly to the charity. 

How much money will the Charity receive from my vehicle donation?

92% or more of gross proceeds are forwarded to the charity when a drivable vehicle has been delivered to the auction by the donor, with the ownership documents and vehicle accident history report.

Can you remove vehicles from underground garages?

We can remove vehicles from underground parking lots. Let us know in advance if the overhead height is very low, and we will send a smaller truck.

Do I have to be present for the removal of my junk car?

We require the owner to be present when the vehicle is removed so the tow truck driver is able to receive the keys and ownership for the vehicle, otherwise the ownership will have to be signed by the owner in advance. Photo ID is required.

What if the vehicle is missing parts?

For some non-drivable vehicles which are determined to be at the end of their usable life, we may suggest that the vehicle be sold at a salvage auction or sent directly to an environmentally conscious recycler. We want to ensure that your vehicle donation achieves its true and fair market value and will generate a positive return for the charity.

My car still runs - can it be fixed up and stay on the road?

That's our goal. Drivable or easily repairable cars sell for the highest prices. A significant number of our buyers are actually looking for cars with light damage, high mileage, or basic wear-and-tear that may make it less attractive for you to sell privately.

My vehicle was totaled. Can you sell it?

Yes. Even cars badly damaged in an accident, fire, flood or other catastrophe have value and can be sold through our salvage auctions. By donating your car, you’re keeping it out of a landfill and helping the environment.

What happens when a car does not sell at auction?

Every vehicle sells.  There is a buyer for every vehicle…ADESA has a very extensive buyer base looking for every type of vehicle in every type of condition, including buyers buying recyclable metal.

Can I donate more than one vehicle?

Yes, there is no limit.





ADESA Richmond's Referral Rewards

An exciting new fundraising opportunity for your organization.

At ADESA Vancouver and ADESA Richmond we’ve always believed that community involvement to be an essential part of our corporate mission and culture. Since 1971 we’ve been proud to support the causes that matter to our clients, our employees and our communities. Our aim has always been to make a difference in the places in which we work, live and play.

ADESA Richmond provides a trusted, simple way for people to sell their vehicles – And now we’ve created a program that will help your organization, club or sports team raise money for the things you love.

Simply recommend selling a vehicle at auction and for every one sold, we pay your group cold hard cash! It’s easy to do and simple to talk about… And the rewards are outstanding!

ADESA provides a safe and controlled environment from which buyers and sellers can easily purchase or dispose of a vehicle – All with guaranteed confidence...

And ADESA Richmond’s Referral Rewards is all about getting the word out about this exciting alternative for buying and selling a vehicle, while at the same time, raising funds for your group.

So, whether it be a hockey team, a wildlife refuge or community centre, ADESA Richmond’s new Referral Rewards is an easy to use, easy to administer fundraising tool that gets results… FAST!

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