Buying a vehicle at auction

in a few easy steps:

To buy a vehicle in person in an upcoming ADESA Public Auction event.


  1. Register at our Office. It's absolutely free! All you need to bring is a photo ID! Please note that you must be over the age of 16 to enter the auction lanes and yard.

  2. View vehicles available on ADESA Richmond website or in person. Viewing time is Wednesday from 1pm to Auction time, Friday 1pm – 6:30pm.

  3. Make a list of vehicles you want to buy and review them for options and declarations.

  4. Listen to the auctioneers for any updates on the vehicles information and simply raise your hand to bid and buy.

  5. Provide $400 deposit (payable with Cash, Debit, Visa, Mastercard) – required at time of your winning bid.

  6. We recommend you to complete a Buyer Protection Plan (BPP) on all eligible vehicles.

  7. Purchase additional protection with a Coast to Coast Warranty and Roadside Assistance Package. 

  8. Make your final payment with Debit or Bank Draft by 5:00pm on the next business day.

  9. Insurance onsite facilitated by Reliance Insurance will transfer your vehicle into your name and arrange plates for your vehicle.

  10. Attach your plate or permit and drive away!


Click here for information on buying a vehicle online in an upcoming auction.



Upcoming Auctions

Wednesday, February 26th - 7PM
Wednesday Night Auction

Saturday, February 29th - 10AM
Unreserved Government & Fleet Auction