Through real-time audio/video feeds, and interactive bidding capabilities, you can participate in live auctions from the comfort of your home or office.


Bidding Online through LiveBlock:

PLEASE NOTE:  Currently only the Specialty Units are available for purchase through LiveBlock. These units include the boats, RV's and trailers etc. 

In order to join a LiveBlock auction you will first need to complete the registration form located here. Once completed, you will receive an email with your bidding number and password.  Once you receive that email, go to, and enter your bid number and password to enter the site.

The Sales Schedule page lists all of the upcoming ADESA Public Auctions from across Canada organized by date. To join one of our auctions select the “Click to Register” link next to the sale date you are interested in. Your request is then sent to us for approval.

A $500 pre-authorized deposit will be required to complete the approval process. The actual charge will not be made to your credit card until you make a purchase. Once approved, click on the BID NOW button to join the auction.

PLEASE NOTE: The registration cut-off for online bidding is 5PM Friday for our Saturday  auctions and 4PM Wednesday for our Wednesday auctions. 


How to Place a bid:

After you click BID NOW on the Sales Schedule page, you are automatically able to participate in the auction, just as if you were physically present in the lane.

To place a bid simply click on the BID button located at the top right of the Bidder screen. The bid amount submitted is whatever the asking bid was at the time of the click. The bid will be fed to the auction block instantaneously and seamlessly integrated with bids from the floor. The auctioneer remains an integral part of the process by directing acceptance of all bids whether they originate on the floor or from Internet-based bidders.

Internet bids are accepted on a first-click basis. If there is a simultaneous bid from the floor and from the Internet, the auctioneer will determine who holds the bid.

If your bid is successful, you will notice your Bid Number displayed in the bid history window, along with your bid amount.

If your bid has not been accepted, a “bid declined” message will appear in the Bid History window, identifying the reason why the bid was not successful.


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Upcoming Auctions

Wednesday, May 15th - 7PM
Public Auction

Saturday, May 18th - 10AM
Public Auction - RV & Toy Auction