Seller Information

 1) Come to ADESA Richmond Public Auto Auction and meet our team and find out who we are.  From Monday to Friday please visit our main office at 7111 No. 8 Road, Richmond.

We are ADESA Auctions Canada Corporation a wholly owned subsidiary of KAR Holdings Inc., a publicly traded company on the NYSE:KAR.  We are one of 68 ADESA Auctions in North America.  We have a great team that is Driven by YOUR Success.  ADESA Values drive us in our daily decisions. Our ADESA Values are INTEGRITY, EMPLOYEE WELFARE, CUSTOMER CARE, SAFETY, PROFITABILITY, COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT, TEAMWORK, and most importantly, FUN.

2) Have a FREE vehicle appraisal completed by our auction staff. 

 What goes into an appraisal?


3) Register your vehicle for sale.  You can sell your vehicle with a reserved price or unreserved.  There are different fee’s for unreserved vehicles and will guarantee your vehicle SOLD at the next auction.  If you set a reserve we will only sell your vehicle for your asking price or more but never less.

                What we require:


4) Complete vehicle enhancements to MAXIMIZE the sale price of your vehicle with Value added services.  National Remarketing statistics states that for every $1 spent on professional reconditioning will net on average $2.27 return.   

Value added services offered:


5) Experience the auction in person and watch your vehicle sell live! 


6) Pick up your Guaranteed funds on a Trust Account cheque from ADESA Auctions Canada Corporation for your vehicles sold.

Funds from ADESA are always guaranteed for:


7) Review our ADESA promise to you


Additional Information

When a seller consigns a vehicle to ADESA Richmond Public Auction, he or she assumes responsibility that the information provided is both accurate and complete. If a seller misrepresents their vehicle, or if seller's declarations are not disclosed according to Auction rules and provincial requirements, a buyer can take the matter to the auction arbitration officer.

Should the seller be found at fault, full commission fees will be charged to the seller on the canceled sale. Since the Auction does not represent any vehicle, it is the seller's responsibility to declare all defects. No matter how minor the problem, an honest and complete declaration will build confidence and create goodwill.

All vehicles consigned at the auction must be transacted through our office. No vehicle will be offered for sale without a serial plate, a B.C. registration and proper identification. Sellers are responsible for ensuring the odometer reading, make and model year are accurate.

Sellers must also ensure their vehicles are sold free and clear of all liens and encumbrances.

The Seller runs the risk of having the sale canceled, the purchase price reduced and / or other charges / fines incurred, if they fail to make any of the following announcements. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Vehicle has:
    • Faulty odometer
    • Changed odometer
    • Odometer in miles
    • Five digit odometer over 100,000 miles or kms
  2. The true kilometers or miles are unknown, in which case one of the following announcements must be made:
    • Odometer discrepancy / Replaced or Repaired
    • Odometer discrepancy / Not actual miles
  3. Vehicle requires a government safety inspection/certification/structural integrity
  4. Vehicle was previously used as a:
    • Taxi/limousine
    • Police or emergency vehicle
    • Driving school vehicle
    • Government vehicle
    • Rental or lease vehicle
  5. Vehicle suffers from any of the following defects:
    • Flood damage
    • Fire damage
    • Excessive rusting, including frame or unitized body
    • Roof damage
    • Structural damage
    • Two or more adjacent panels changed
    • Air bags deployed, defective or absent
    • Defective ABS system
  6. Cancellation of manufacture's warranty
  7. Major defects that would cost over $750 (according to standard manufacturer's/Mitchell's established warranty standard rates) to repair on:
    • Engine
    • Transmission
    • Major power train i.e. differentials
  8. Major exception to original or advertised production specifications
  9. Vehicle cut in two or two frames welded together.
  10. Vehicle branded as:
    • Provincial inspection required
    • Salvage
    • Irreparable
    • Rebuild
    • Accident-repaired over $2000
    • Insurance Write-Off, Total Loss, according to insurer and/or manufacturers records
    • Non-repairable
    • Parts Only
    • Reconstructed
  11. Vehicle was stolen and has been recovered.
  12. Vehicle is not road worthy.
  13. U.S. vehicle.
  14. Grey market vehicle.
  15. Out of Province Vehicle.
  16. VIN plate replaced.
  17. A Sport Utility or Truck that is 2WD as a 4WD

Sellers who are caught price-boosting (shilling) their own vehicles, or vehicles belonging to friends, will be charged full commission fees and endure permanent banishment from the auction. Other auto auctions will be notified.

Anyone caught tampering with or removing parts from vehicles will be permanently banned. They will also be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Sellers must carry their fire, theft and public liability insurance until their vehicle has been sold. The auction assumes no responsibility for any damage incurred through a third party, or natural occurrences, before or after the actual sale. The auction is insured only for damages caused by its own negligence.

Sellers that require pushing or towing help, mechanical repairs, inspections or other vehicle services will be charged accordingly.

A vehicle is not officially sold until the auctioneer announces the word "SOLD".

Sellers who set a reserved price for a vehicle have the option to reconsider that price before the bidding ends. If the final bid is lower than the reserved price, the seller and buyer can negotiate a new price through the auction. If the seller does not agree to the price, the buyer is instantly released from any obligation.

For more information about selling your vehicle, please be sure ask a service representative.

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