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At ADESA Richmond we are proud to have our own Transportation Services Department. This operation is multi-faceted. Not only do we assist with the movement of vehicles in and out of auction, but we provide a wealth of additional services designed to take the pressure off you and your staff when looking for transportation solutions.




ADESA – Transport

The department manages the movement of hundreds of vehicles each week and that adds up to thousands of vehicles a year. We coordinated the movement of 60,000 units in 2018, throughout Canada and the US. 50,000 of those were moved by our own drivers. Not all of them came into or went out of the auction. We are able to coordinate the movement of any vehicle anywhere in North America. We provide our customers with a “one stop shop” option. 

We maintain alliances and partnerships with leading Transport Carriers in order to provide our customers with efficient and cost effective service quality. We may sub-contract work in Vancouver if our calendar is full and we are unable to handle a move ourselves. Anyone we sub-let work to has met with our very stringent insurance and WCB coverage requirements. If a carrier or drive-away service has not met these standards, we will not use them.

We are fortunate at ADESA Richmond to have connections with a Transport department at every ADESA auction through-out North America. With over 70 sites in North America, we will always have a solution for your transportation needs.

If you do not have an account with ADESA Richmond, payment can be made prior to the move through our office.

We are fortunate to count many local automotive companies among our customer list: Key West Ford SalesBlue Star MotorsRichmond ChryslerDueck on MarineDueck DowntownDueck RichmondSurrey HondaMaple Ridge Volkswagen Eagle Ridge ChryslerDam’s FordMarine Chrysler - Auto West BMWHallmark FordSignature MazdaVIB MotorsRichport Ford - and many more.

Not only do we take care of local automotive moves but we are involved in assisting National operations too – Ford CreditTD Auto Finance (Chrysler)Ally Auto Financing (formerly GMAC) – VW CreditChrysler CanadaGM CanadaFord Motor CompanyHonda Finance – and many more.



ADESA – Drive away

ADESA Transport drive-away service:

Today, at ADESA Richmond Transport we carry a staff of 90+. As a team, we coordinate the movement of hundreds of vehicles around the Lower Mainland and Canada each week. On any given day, we can have between 25 and 90 ADESA Transport drivers on the road working wonders for you, the Customer. Our chase drivers operate GPS equipped vans so we can make changes on the fly or give you updates as you might need them.  

Aside from moving cars in and out of auction, our Transport team is able to help you with:


ADESA – Car carrier

Car Carrier Operations:

ADESA Transport here in Richmond has developed solid relationships with multi-unit transport carriers across Canada and the US. Every one of them has met with stringent Insurance and WCB (as required) guidelines set by ADESA. We maintain a strategic alliance with Kee West Auto Carriers. The other carriers such as MCL McGill Trucking, Precision Carriers, Marden Auto Hauling and Car Couriers, to name a few, are equally as professional and we continue those relationships based on the service level provided.

Whether you are moving 1 or 1001 units anywhere, we’ll be able to help. Our dispatch folks keep in contact with these GPS equipped carriers on a daily basis in order for us to provide: first available space - costing information - landing estimates. This allows you to just “one stop shop” by calling ADESA Transport Dispatch.

The carrier would invoice ADESA and then we’ll invoice you if you are approved. Otherwise it would be a prepaid option. Cash - Visa - MasterCard

We can help coordinate unit moves into Canada from the US. We have the benefit of having auction sites all over North America so this allows us to tap into the local knowledge of our sister Transport Departments wherever that might be.


ADESA - Rail

Rail Operations:

We can coordinate longer distance moves by utilizing another long established relationship we maintain.


Moving units by rail car is an efficient and cost effective way to move a vehicle longer distances. From Montreal to Vancouver for example. If you are moving 1 or 1001, we can get the ball rolling and make it happen. We maintain a relationship with Livingston Freight who actually coordinate the loading of vehicles on the rail cars.

We can coordinate the pick up of a unit from any location, take it to the rail loading yard and arrange delivery or pick up at the other end. You can call us to get it started and then just let it happen. If you wanted to monitor the movement, we can provide you with a tracking number and you can call us. The rail operator sends us an up to date report every night that gives the status of all of our moves and the unit location. Yes, even if it is staging in a side yard in Manitoba somewhere, we’d know.


ADESA – Towing and Trailers

ADESA Towed units:


So what if the unit you want to move won’t move by its own power?

Another solid relationship developed at ADESA Transport in Richmond, is one with a well established and fully insured towing company here in BC. Mundies Towing. These guys know their business and know how to move anything from A to B.

We’ve used this operator for a myriad of different moves from tractor trailers to 35 foot boats. If they don’t have the equipment to make your move happen, they’ll find it.

They operate: Light duty and 5 Ton Wreckers - Heavy duty wrecker - Light duty carriers

Tilt equipped deck units - Flat deck units - Hydraulic trailers

The “one stop shop” process still works here. You call us here at ADESA Transport in Richmond and we’ll set it up. You’ll get an ADESA invoice and we’ll arrange to pay the operator.


ADESA Enclosed trailers and big rigs:

What if the vehicle to be moved is “way too precious” for the street?

No worries, we have access through our relationships to fully enclosed trailers that can move your vehicle without those pesky additional kilometers on the odometer and without paint or glass chips happening.


ADESA - Toys

ADESA Toy moves:

Living out here on the west coast of Canada, we tend to enjoy our leisure time on the water, on the road and in the bush. So we at ADESA Transport have to be prepared to move these toys.

Many of our company vehicles are equipped with tow packages so that we can help with these moves. We have access to a fifth wheel equipped truck and we own two motorcycle / ATV trailers. Some of our drivers have boats of their own and are therefore comfortable and capable of towing boats and trailers safely.

A few of our drivers are motorcycle fanatics and they can drive anything from a Harley Davidson, to a Goldwing, to something fast that you have to lean all over the gas tank to reach the handle bars. Ouch. Or we can put the bike in the trailer and move it that way.

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